Sweeten up Easter with a treat from Nestlé Canada

Mar 29, 2012

New products for Easter: Kit Kat Bunny, Aero Peppermint Lamb and Smarties EggsThis Easter, fill your baskets with delicious new treats from Nestlé Canada!

Smarties Eggs, available in a 200g bag, are a perfect treat to share. Made without artificial colours, Smarties Eggs are delicious on their own, or when included in fun Easter recipes like Smarties Chocolate Pretzel Nests or Smarties Chewy Coconut Nests.

Also new for Easter this year is Kit Kat Bunny. Canada’s favourite chocolate bar becomes even sweeter when embossed with an adorable bunny and wrapped in an Easter-themed package. It’s the same Kit Kat you know and love – only cuter!

Aero Peppermint Lamb is another new Easter product everyone will want to taste. Filled with Peppermint bubbles, covered in milk chocolate and shaped like a loveable lamb, this delightful new treat is sure to become a favourite Easter tradition.

Finally, go online to continue spreading the Easter fun! Visit the AERO, SMARTIES or KIT KAT Facebook pages to take part in a fun, interactive activity only around until Easter. Sweet Easter Sendables are customizable creations that let you personalize and send photos. Unleash your creativity and upload a picture, choose your favourite Easter-themed background, add fun Easter accessories and include a personalized message before sending to your friends and family.  Best of all, you can enter to win SMARTIES Eggs, KIT KAT Bunny or AERO Peppermint Lamb each time you send Sweet Easter Sendables!