Nestlé in Canada


At a glance

  • Canadians first saw the Nestlé name on canned milk products imported from Europe in 1887
  • Manufacturing began in Canada in 1918 with the purchase of a small milk factory in Chesterville, Ontario. Four years later, the company was incorporated as Nestlé's Food Company of Canada Limited.
  • Today, Nestlé in Canada employs approximately 3,600 people in 21 manufacturing, sales and distribution sites across the country, with the home office located in North York, Ontario.
  • Nestlé Canada Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A.
  • Nestlé in Canada’s annual sales in 2012 were approximately $2.2 billion.

Our organization is grouped into key divisions, each charged with developing and marketing some of the country's best-known brands.

Chocolate and confectionery

Needless to say we make many of Canada's favourite chocolate bars, such as KIT KAT, COFFEE CRISP, SMARTIES and AERO. We also make your favourite boxed chocolates like TURTLES, AFTER EIGHT and QUALITY STREET.

Coffee and beverages

Nestlé created NESCAFÉ, the world's first and still most popular brand of instant coffee. We also make TASTER'S CHOICE, the world's first freeze-dried instant coffee, and COFFEE-MATE. Today, our leadership in beverages extends to such preferred drinks as NESTLÉ CARNATION HOT CHOCOLATE, NESQUIK and NESTEA ICED TEA.

Nestlé Professional

The talented professionals at NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL make the high quality foods and beverages found in many of Canada's restaurants, hospitals, airlines and recreational facilities.

Ice cream and frozen desserts

From low-fat and light options such as REAL DAIRY 50% Less Fat & Frozen Yogourt and SKINNY COW, to indulgences like HÄAGEN-DAZS and childhood treats like DRUMSTICK and PARLOUR, Nestlé makes many of the summer treats - ice cream, bars, frozen yogourt and more - that Canadians love most.


Nestlé offers Canadians a range of delicious and convenient brands - STOUFFER'S, STOUFFER'S BISTRO, SAUTÉ SENSATIONS, LEAN CUISINE and DELISSIO pizza - each of which offers tasty meal options.


Nestlé's unique understanding of nutrition and food and our ongoing collaboration with healthcare professionals is one reason those professionals turn to our clinical nutrition products like PEPTAMEN and NUTREN and for consumers purchasing at retail locations, BOOST. Athletes, from serious marathon runners to occasional exercisers, appreciate our performance nutrition products like POWERBAR and a great start to the day for many is CARNATION BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS. And mothers rely on our infant nutrition products like NESTLÉ GOOD START Infant Formulas and GERBER cereals, snacks and meals.

Nestlé Waters

Day after day, NESTLÉ WATERS helps Canadians stay refreshed and well-hydrated by offering the widest possible choice of bottled waters, wherever is most convenient for them.

Nestlé Purina PetCare

NESTLÉ PURINA PetCare is a leading Canadian pet products company with a commitment to improving pet ownership and the well-being of pets through outstanding products and services.